Hiking on the path of Mesoropi, Mount Pangaeo

Hiking on the path of Mesoropi, Mount Pangaeo

Hiking on the path of Mesoropi, Mount Pangaeo
Completed Event
10 December 2023 / 07:15
11 hours
Level 2
25€/ person

The Salonica View alternative tourism office organizes a one-day excursion and hike on the beautiful path of Mesoropi, Mt. Pangaio.

A few words about our trip:

We will all start together by bus from Thessaloniki and after reaching the village of Mesoropi, located at the 36th kilometer of the old Kavala-Thessaloniki highway on the south side of Pangaio, we will follow the path to the "Voskovrysi" cave at 1150 m. about, where an active underground river is hidden!

We will start our hike through the village at an altitude of 350 meters and we will first reach the point called "Ombrios", where the waters of the village are sanctified! We will continue our journey enjoying a beautiful route through amazing nature and running waters, which will accompany us for most of the path! Then we will encounter wooden bridges, benches, waterfalls, and small ponds! Our path will then become uphill and with the help of shaped steps it will lead us to a beautiful plateau with plane trees and a bench.

Leaving the river behind us, we will go out to the clearing called "Pouliana" and after successive small traverses, we will reach the cave of "Voskovrysi" at 1150 m.

For those who do not wish to follow the route in its entirety, there will be a group that will walk the first 3 km or so of the route, and return with an escort to the village of Mesoropi following the same route back (6 km in total) and will have free time for coffee.

After completing our hikes and depending on the time available, we will have free time in the village of Mesoropi where we can also find the famous tahini of the area.

For our return, we will follow the same route backward.


• Total travel length: 11 mm (forward/ backward)
• Altitude climb: 800 m.
• Total hiking time (with stops): 4.30 – 5.30 hours
• Degree of difficulty of the route: 2/2+ (scale 1 – 5, very good physical condition)
• Suitable for children: 11+ (must be accompanied by a parent/guardian)

Points of interest:


Pangaio is a large massif that stretches across the prefectures of Kavala and Serres. It is a mountain with many springs and streams! Its highest peak is "Mati" with an altitude of 1,956 meters. We find frequent references to Pangaio in ancient Greek and Latin sources, which state that it was particularly famous for its silver and gold mines, as well as for the shipbuilding timber provided by its forests.


Mesoropi is magic and famous for its excellent quality tahini. Red tiled roofs on white houses. fountains, plane trees, paved streets, the square with the stone well, streams, watermills, and small bridges.

While you are walking you will pass by the church of Saint Kyriaki built in 1890, the proud stone primary school from 1933, and the old calendar church of Saint John the Baptist from 1935. Nearby is the church of Saint George from 1886 with his icon, which is said to have gone back and forth three times until it decided to remain here and not in the chapel where it was originally found.

Incredible view of the village and the plain of Pangaios from the small church of Saint Marina at 560m, the eerie and extremely charming Lake Cave with stalactites at 1176m.

Participation fee:

25 euros/ person by bus


The price includes:

  1. Escort and organization
  2. Experienced mountain guides
  3. Transportation by bus
  4. First aid box
  5. VHF Wireless

CAUTION!!! Payment of the total amount is made to the bank accounts below within 4 days of your booking. Otherwise, the booking is canceled.

Piraeus Bank IBAN GR41 0172 2220 0052 2209 3179 693 (Beneficiary: ANDREAS TSAGARIS)

National Bank of Greece IBAN GR2701102230000022300527524 (Beneficiary: TSAGARIS ANDREAS)


*** In case the payment is made by a bank other than the above, the customer must pay the additional cost.


You must have with you:

  1. Mountaineering boots
  2. Hiking pants or leggings
  3. Second shirt, socks, one small towel (change)
  4. Snack
  5. Water
  6. Backpack
  7. Raincoat (required)
  8. Hat, sunglasses, sunscreen
  9. Tissues
  10. Trekking Pole (optional)
  11. Camera (optional)

Note 1. When you click to book, declare in the message where you will take the bus from. The options are Voulgari (Everest), Aristotelous (Statue of Venizelos) or One Salonica.


Note 2. In case of cancellation of the event due to bad weather conditions, the excursion is moved to another date. Participants unable to participate on that date will be refunded. However, if again the weather conditions do not allow the event to take place, the event is permanently canceled and everyone is refunded. In case of cancellation by the participants, 7 days or less before the date of the event, the money is not returned.


Note 3. Photographic material is shared on our page and social media after each event. By participating in a Salonica View event, you also accept the sharing of photos. Otherwise, please let us know.


Note 4. For the best functioning of the event and for safety reasons, participants must comply with the instructions of the attendants.



07:00 - Departure by bus from Eastern Thessaloniki (Voulgari - Everest)

07:15 – Departure from Thessaloniki (Venizelos Statue – Aristotelous Square)

07:30 - Departure from West Thessaloniki (One Salonica)

09:30 – Start of Hiking

15:00 – End of Hiking - free time in Mesoropi

16:30 - Departure for the return to Thessaloniki

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