Climb to the top of Livadaki on Olympus

Climb to the top of Livadaki on Olympus

Climb to the top of Livadaki on Olympus
Completed Event
31 October 2021 / 08:00
12 hours
Level 2
20 euros / person

The office of outdoor activities and sports tourism Salonica View, organizes a one-day excursion and ascent from Thessaloniki to the top of Livadaki on Mount Olympus.


A few words about Olympus:

Olympus is the highest mountain in Greece known worldwide mainly for its mythological context, as its top was inhabited by the Twelve "Olympian" Gods according to the religion of the ancient Greeks. Its compact mountain range is located on the borders of Thessaly with Macedonia, a series of high peaks that groove deep ravines, around which extends an area of ​​great biodiversity. The name "Olympus" has been said in various versions (sky, bright, tall, rock, etc.). According to one version, the word Olympus is a pre-Greek place name of unknown origin, whose original meaning should have been simply "mountain".


A few words about the emergency shelter at the top of Livadaki:

The small emergency shelter is located at the top at an altitude of 2100 meters. The building is a one-room stone hut with a gabled roof and a fireplace. It offers 3-4 beds, some basic furniture and accommodates 4-6 people.



Route features

Total route length: 15 km

Altitude: 2100 meters

Time: 7 hours

Degree of difficulty: 2



Detailed program:

08:00 - Departure by bus from Thessaloniki (Statue of Venizelos - Aristotelous Square)

09:30 - Arrival at Prionia

09:45 - Start of course at the top of Livadaki, on Mount Olympus

16:45- Completion of our excursion and return to Prionia

17:00 - Departure for coffee

17:30 - Departure for return to Thessaloniki

20:30 - Arrival in Thessaloniki


Participation cost: 20 euros / person


The price includes:

  1. Escort and organization
  2. Gymnasts specializing in outdoor activities
  3. Travel by bus
  4. First aid box



CAUTION!!! Payment of the entire amount is made to the following bank accounts within 4 days after your booking. Otherwise, the reservation is canceled.


IBAN Piraeus Bank GR41 0172 2220 0052 2209 3179 693 (PAYEE TSAGGARIS ANDREAS)

IBAN National Bank GR2701102230000022300527524 (PAYEE TSANGARIS ANDREAS)



You must have with you:

  1. Good sneakers or mountaineers (if you have them)
  2. Mountaineering pants or leggings
  3. Second blouse, socks, a small towel (change)
  4. Snack and Water
  5. Backpack
  6. Raincoat (necessarily)
  7. Hat, sunglasses, sunscreen
  8. Tissues
  9. Trekking Pole (optional)
  10. Camera (optional)



Note 1. For the best operation of the event and for safety reasons, participants must comply with the instructions of the escorts.


Note 2. In case of cancellation of the event due to bad weather conditions, the trip is postponed to another date. Participants who are unable to attend on this date will receive a refund. However, if the weather conditions still do not allow the event to take place, the event is permanently canceled and a refund is given to everyone. In case of cancellation by the participants, 7 days or less before the date of the event, the money is non-refundable.


Note 3. Photographic material is shared on our page and on social media after each event. By participating in a Salonica View event, you also agree to the sharing of photos. Otherwise, please let us know.

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