Hiking Xylogephyro - Kalopanagiotis - Water Path

Hiking Xylogephyro - Kalopanagiotis - Water Path

Hiking Xylogephyro - Kalopanagiotis - Water Path
Completed Event
14 April 2024/ 07:00
10 hours
Level 2
20 euros / person

The Salonica View team organizes a one-day hike from the Xylogephyros to Kalopanagiotis and the Water Path.


A few words about our hike:

Our route will start from the Cypriot Handicrafts Center in Nicosia and we will head towards the Wooden Bridge located on the Pedoulas - Kykkos road. From there we will start our hike and end up in Kalopanagiotis. Then we will continue our hike on the water path and end up near the cable car of the village. At the beginning of our route, we will have a panoramic view. In the course of our route, we will meet the churches of Archangel Michael, Saint Sergius and Bacchus, Our Lady of Theoskepastis, Saint John Lampadistis, the thermal springs, the Kykkos Watermill in Kalopanagiotis, and the popular neighborhoods. At the end of the hike, we will have time to rest before returning to Nicosia.


Hiking Features:

Length: 6 kilometers

Time: 3-3.5 hours

Difficulty level: 2 (Medium)

*** Relatively good physical condition is required


Points of interest:

Kykkos Watermill:

It is located approximately one kilometer south of the Monastery of Agios Ioannis Lampadistis in a green environment. The Kykkos Mill belonged to the Kykkos Monastery. The entire complex of buildings that make it up is preserved. Above the high arch passes the groove that brought the water to the high tower the "anaolo" from where it fell with force to the lowest point of the mill in an arched area. This watermill for years served the Monastery of Kykkos, and the residents of Kalopanagiotis, Moutoullas, Oikos, Gerakie, and other villages. In 1953, the last water mill of Kalopanagiotis, the "Mill of Kykkos" stopped working. It has been declared an ancient monument and has been restored by the Department of Antiquities.


Thermal waters:

The thermal springs of Kalopanagiotis are located near the banks of the Setrachos River next to the Venetian bridge. The healing properties of the sulfuric waters of Kalopanagiotis have been known since ancient times. From time to time the kings of Solon often visited the region of Marathasa, not only for vacation purposes but also for spa therapy. For the same purpose, kings and princes visited the area during the Roman, Byzantine, and Frankish eras. The water of the springs is still used today for thermal baths.


The Chapel of Theoskepasti:

It is located a few meters east of the monastery of Agios Ioannis Lampadistis. It was built by the monks of the monastery as an ascetic or hermitage during the 12th century. In front of the chapel grew a huge holm oak (commonly known as yew) which protected it from profane and hostile eyes, that is why it is called Theoskepasti. For the protection of this tree, various traditions are circulating that something bad will happen to anyone who dares to cut even one branch. This tree is 700 years old and is cared for by the Forestry Department.


St. Ioannis Lampadistis:

The church of the monastery came from the union of three churches: Agios Herakleides, Agios Ioannis Lampadistis, and the church of Akathistos Himnos which was formerly a Latin chapel. Important frescoes are preserved in the church buildings. The church of Lampadistis was rebuilt at the beginning of the 18th century except for the northeast buttress and arch over the tomb of the Saint – where the cart is kept in a silver case. The original church was from the 12th century.


Path of the Mountain - Kalopanagiotis and Path of Kalopanagiotis - Ikou



Cost of participation (per person):

20 euros (hiking, organization & transportation by bus)

** payment will be made on the bus (Ignore the automatic payment message you will receive).


The price includes:

  1. Escort and organization
  2. Trainers specializing in outdoor activities
  3. Transfer by bus from Nicosia and return
  4. Hiking
  5. First aid box

You must have with you:

  1. Mountaineering or Good sports shoes
  2. Hiking pants or leggings
  3. Second shirt, socks, one small towel (change)
  4. Snack and Water
  5. Backpack
  6. Waterproof jacket (required)
  7. Hat, sunglasses, sunscreen
  8. Tissues
  9. Trekking Pole (optional)
  10. Camera (optional)

Note 1. When you click to book, state in the message where you will take the bus for your departure.


Note 2. For the best functioning of the event and for safety reasons, participants must comply with the instructions of the attendants.


Note 3. The program may be modified depending on the weather conditions of those days.


Note 4. In case of cancellation of the event due to bad weather conditions, the excursion is moved to another date. Participants unable to participate on that date will be refunded. However, if the weather conditions do not allow the event to occur again, the event is permanently canceled and everyone is refunded. In case of cancellation by the participants, 7 days or less before the event date, the money is not returned.


Note 5. Photographic material is shared on our page and social media after each event. By participating in a Salonica View event, you also accept the sharing of photos. Otherwise, please let us know.


07:00 – Departure from Nicosia (Cypriot Handicrafts Center)

09:30 - Start of hiking

13:00 - End of hike

13:30 - Free time to eat and rest

15:30 - Departure to return to Nicosia

17:00 - Possible return time to Nicosia


*** ATTENTION: the return time may vary depending on the group.


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