Hike to Saint Ambrosios of Kyrenia (Antiphonist)

Hike to Saint Ambrosios of Kyrenia (Antiphonist)

Hike to Saint Ambrosios of Kyrenia (Antiphonist)
Completed Event
18 February 2024/ 07:00
11 hours
Level 1
20 euros / person

The Salonica View team organizes a hike to Saint Ambrosios in Kyrenia (Antiphonist).


A few words about our trip:

Our route will start from Nicosia and we will head towards the roadblock of Saint Dometios. We will pass through the occupied villages of Mia Milia, Epicho, Petra Digeni, and Kiados and we will reach Saint Ambrosios of Kyrenia. The route we will hike is 3 hours. The enchanting location of the village between mountain and sea, its transport position between the western and eastern provinces of Kyrenia, and its proximity to the Byzantine monastery of Antiphonist make the view enchanting. At the end of the hike, we will pass by the village of Saint Ambrosios. We will enter the coastal road where on our right we will have a view of the sea and on the left the mountain range of Pentadaktylos. We will follow a western course towards Kyrenia. There we will have two hours of free time. From Kyrenia, we will take the main highway that leads to Nicosia and the free areas.


A few words about Saint Ambrosios:

Saint Ambrosios is located in the northern part of Cyprus, 24 kilometers east of Kyrenia. In this area with its picturesque landscape, before the invasion, olives, locust beans, cereals and fodder plants were cultivated. Carob-olive-grain co-cultivation was particularly developed. The village was known for the cultivation of apricot trees. The village took its name from Saint Ambrosios of Cyprus to whom the village church was dedicated.


Holy Monastery of Antiphonist:

In a beautiful location surrounded by forest and with an excellent view towards the sea, near Saint Ambrosios in the province of Kyrenia, is the monastery of Antiphonist. It is not ascertained exactly where the temple is dedicated, since there are no written testimonies about it. Some Byzantine scholars talk about the temple of Christ the Antiphonator, as it is known that several icons present Christ as "Antiphonator". However, the prevailing opinion, which also prevails among believers, states that it is dedicated to the Archangel Michael, as according to a tradition inside the specific temple, the brigade commander Michael objected.


Hiking features:

Length: 6km (to the finish)

Time: 3 hours

Degree of difficulty: 1-2

*** Relatively good physical condition is required.



Cost of participation (per person):

20 euros

** Payment will be made on the bus (Ignore the automatic payment message you will receive).


The price includes:

  1. Escort and organization
  2. Trainers specializing in outdoor activities
  3. Transfer by bus from Nicosia and return
  4. First aid box


You must have with you:

  1. Good sneakers or hiking boots (if you have them)
  2. Hiking pants or leggings
  3. Second shirt, socks, one small towel (change)
  4. Snack and Water
  5. Backpack
  6. Waterproof jacket (required)
  7. Hat, sunglasses, sunscreen
  8. Tissues
  9. Camera (optional)
  10. ID card


Note 1. When you click to book, state in the message the departure point of your choice.


Note 2. For the best functioning of the event and safety reasons, participants must comply with the instructions of the attendants.


Note 3. In case of cancellation of the event due to bad weather conditions, the excursion is moved to another date. Participants who are unable to participate on that date will be refunded. However, if the weather conditions do not allow the event to occur again, the event is permanently canceled and everyone is refunded. In case of cancellation by the participants, 7 days or less before the event date, the money is not returned.


Note 4. Photographic material is shared on our page and social media after each event. By participating in a Salonica View event, you also accept the sharing of photos otherwise, as you inform us.


The schedule in detail:

07:00 - from Nicosia (Cypriot Handicrafts Center)

07:30 – Departure from the roadblock of Saint Dometios

09:15 - Arrival at Saint Ambrosios, Kyrenia

09:30 - Start of the hike (Addresser)

12:30 - End of the hike

13:30 - Visit to Kyrenia

15:30 - Departure to return to Nicosia

16:30 - Probable time of arrival at Saint Dometios

17:30-18:00 - Probable time of arrival at the Cyprus Handicrafts Centre


*** ATTENTION: the return time may vary depending on the group.

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