Skiing is a winter sport and comes from Scandinavia. Initially, it covered the need to move people on the snow and this was achieved with a pair of long narrow wooden boards, which were tied to shoes or boots, known as skis from which the sport took its name.

It is an individual sport and each athlete uses special protective clothing, shoes, and suitable sandals.

The sport of skiing is included in the program of the Winter Olympic Games. Winter Skiing is also used as a means of recreation by humans.

Necessary equipment for skiing

  • Ski slippers
  • Bindings: join the sandal with the boot and have special fuses, so that the foot is released in case of a fall.
  • Ski Poles: two sticks that help maintain balance, proper posture, and rhythm.
  • Mask/sunglasses: offer protection to the eyes from the reflection of light in the snow.
  • Ski boots: shoes, made of hard material, to protect the tibia, but also to transfer strength from the foot to the sandal.
  • Suitable clothes: jacket and overalls for skiing, isothermal blouse and isothermal underwear, gloves, hat, and special socks.
  • Helmet: essential for safety in the event of a fall.

Degree of difficulty on the slopes

Most ski resorts have slopes with varying degrees of difficulty. The signage followed is Green: Very easy, Blue: Relatively easy, Red: Medium, and Black: Difficult slopes.

Skiing is also divided into categories/types

Downhill skiing: Go up with the lifts and go down the slope with the snowshoes. It is also called alpine skiing because it first appeared in the Alps.

Mountain skiing: It is preceded by the ascent of the slope with the skis and then the descent. Alpine skiing can also be done on off-piste routes (in places, that is, where there are no lifts).

Distance skiing: Also called Nordic, because it is widely used in Norway and the Nordic countries in general as a means of transport in the daily movements of residents.

Freestyle: It is done on special tracks or off the track. You slide (as in downhill skiing) downhill and with acrobatic jumps and figures you jump over hills.

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