Canyoning, as one can understand from the word itself, is the crossing of gorges with all that entails. In some cases, we may come across the word canyoneering, which is essentially just the official name in the United States. In fact, this particular activity consists of many more, as it includes hiking, swimming, climbing, and rappel (downhill). Of course when one hears for the first time a combination of all these activities one tries to imagine how it is possible to do this. So let's see what we need to pay attention to before we decide to participate in canyoning.

First of all, as in all outdoor activities, the participation of the whole family is possible. This means that even children can participate without fear if we choose the right gorge with the help of experts, while the same applies to older people. Then, as mentioned, we must understand that not all gorges are the same, as the morphology of the soil changes from region to region and certainly the duration you need to reach the end. Therefore a gorge can be from very easy with beautiful waterfalls, beautifully carved rocks, and ponds to very difficult with very slippery rocks, very narrow passages, and high demands on physical condition and climbing skills.

What is required to participate:

  • Good physical condition (depending on the gorge there are the conditions)
  • Experienced guides to living the ultimate experience
  • Swimming knowledge
  • Our little friends always accompanied by a parent or guardian
  • A reconciliation with heights

Equipment required:

  • Helmet
  • Lens that is integrated into the helmet mainly
  • Seatbelt
  • Climbing ropes
  • Binding and locking materials
  • Special uniform and shoes

Whether one chooses canyoning as the ultimate adrenaline and adventure experience or to discover new places and to test their potential, this is welcome for everyone regardless of age. In fact, when we live in a country with many gorges and a rich natural environment, maybe it's time to take advantage of it. Everyone, then, through the appropriate tips and guidance can choose what suits them!!!

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